Photo of the Week: Arbor at Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Santa Fe Botani8cal Gardens

Arbor a the new t Santa Fe Botanical Garden opening in July 20013, photo/Steve Collins

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Museum Hill is a work in progress that has been developing for many years. Anyone who has spent any time in Santa Fe knows that our ecology is unique. This uniqueness is celebrated in a diverse bio-culture that exists despite the minimal rainfall we get most. This has always created a challenge for the humans who have chosen to make an existence here. It is a manifestation of the dynamic tension that creates the matrix of possibilities in New Mexico.  Before man the diversity existed with the rhythms of the seasons. The Santa Fe Botanical Garden presents this high desert culture in  beautiful ways. This arbor will be covered with abundant floral growth, creating a feast for the senses. Part of the garden is designed to celebrate plant life that thrives in our arid high desert environment.  The Santa Fe Botanical Garden, on Museum Hill, is scheduled to open to the public on Sunday July 20th. A festive weekend is planned. Observe for yourself.  Possibilities unfold.


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