Santa Fe Dining

We’re sorry to say that this page on Santa Fe dining is sadly out of date. If you want to read current Santa Fe dining posts, look under Food Thoughts on our menu bar.

Santa Fe dining has a lot to offer locals and visitors.  Santa Fe has over 200 restaurants and many of them are worth checking out. If you read Santa Fe Travelers, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, you’ve figured out we love food and have tried a lot of them. Follow us as we continue to explore Santa Fe dining. You’ll discover some great dining spots around town. For your convenience, here’s a round-up of our Santa  Fe dining posts we’ve done. If you subscribe to the blog, notices for new  posts will be delivered to your inbox. If not, check back here from time to time and see what we’ve added.

Santa Fe dining: eating New Mexican, a food glossary

Dining out in Santa Fe on the New Mexico Culinary Treasures Trail

On the Santa Fe breakfast burrito trail

Santa Fe dining on the cheap: food carts, trucks and stands

Outdoor dining in Santa Fe, putting on the Ritz

Santa Fe: casual patio dining part one

Santa Fe: casual patio dining part two

A perfect duo: Santa Fe and a margarita

Eat like the locals in Santa Fe: fresh and sustainable choices

Guests pieces we’ve written on Santa Fe dining:

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5 places in Santa Fe to breakfast with the locals.

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