¡VIVA MEXICO! back in Santa Fe for the 6th year

Mexico comes to Santa Fe this weekend. ¡VIVA MEXICO! is back for its sixth year at El Rancho de los Golondrinas on Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st  from 10am to 5pm both days. This popular event, the most popular in their season, began as a small nod to our neighbors to the south in 2008. It attracted a little over 600 people including the Mexican Consul from Albuquerque. He was impressed and wanted to collaborate with them on the following year’s event. Thousands came. It’s now a joint event between las Golondrinas and the Mexican Consulate in Albuquerque, one of whose missions is to promote cultural exchange.

La Charreada's Escaramuza, features women on horseback executing preciision coreograpy on horseback photo courtesy of El Rancho de las Golondrinas

La Charreada’s Escaramuza, photo/courtesy El Rancho de las Golondrinas

In 2009, the featured event was charreada, Mexican-style rodeo and it’s back again this year. This year, a charreada group from Las Cruces in southern New Mexico will bring this national sport of Mexico to Santa Fe. First practiced by ranch hands at Mexican haciendas in the 1600s, charreada showcases precision horsemanship and skills such as lassoing and trick riding. Traditionally, there were nine events in the event, but in recent, a 20th event, the escararamuza, where women in 19th century dress, riding sidesaddle execute precision choreographed patterns. Animal advocates can rest easy. Promoters promise that there is no animal cruelty in the charreada events.

The Mariachi clowns of Cornisa 20 at El Rancho de las Golondrinas, photo courtesy of El Rancho de las Golondrinas

Mariachi clowns of Cornisa 20, photo/courtesy El Rancho de las Golandrinas

Also appearing for the third year are Cornisa 20, a Mexican street theater troupe from Guanajuato. In previous years, their presence at ¡VIVA MEXICO! has been as stilt-walking caballeros, mingling and interacting with passersby. A first this year: the troupe will perform their Fiesta Mexicana both days. There will also be Deer Dancers from the Yaqui Indians from the Sonoran Desert.

Chef Fernando Olea teaching New Mexico Mole at Viva Mexico in Santa Fe photo Steve Collins

Chef Fernando Olea teaching his New Mexico mole, photo/Steve Collins

In addition to performances there will be demonstrations and hands-on activities. Oaxacan master-weaver, Bulmaro Mendoza, will hold dying, spinning and weaving demos. Renowned Mexican cookbook writer and cooking school owner, Susana Trilling, author of Seasons of My Heart: A Culinary Journey Through Oaxaca, Mexico, will give a chocolate demonstration. Santa Fe chef, Fernando Olea will create his New Mexican Mole for the crowd. There will be tastes for all at all food demos.

A plate of authentic Mexican tacos at Viva Mexico at El Rancho de las Golondrinas in Santa Fe photo Steve collins

A plate of tasty authentic Mexican tacos we offered at Viva Mexico, photo/Steve Collins

And, bring your appetite; La Fonda, a food tent, will offer  traditional Mexican foods for sale. Stop by the Mercado Mexicano where 27 vendors from 12 Mexican states will offer their work for sale and the Pavilion of Stated where eight Mexican states will showcase the regional arts and crafts from their areas. There will also be a Curanderia section with demos of traditional Mexican healing. And there will be piñatas and other activities for children. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for seniors and teens. Children under 12 are free.

Tlaxcalan vendors at Viva Mexico at El Rancho de las Golandrinas Santa Fe photo Steve Collins

Mexican vendors at the 2012 Viva Mexico, photo/Steve Collins

There’s something for everyone at ¡VIVA MEXICO! The entire family will love this festive event.  Hop in your car and head to El Rancho de las Golondrinas. No passport needed.

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Tlaxcalan dancers performed at the 2012 Viva Mexico at El Rancho de las Golondrinas Santa Fe NM photo Steve Collins

One of the Tlaxcalan dancers that performed at at Viva Mexico in 2012, photo/Steve Collins

The Voladores de Pantpantla were at ¡VIVA MEXICO! in 2010 and 2011.

Los Voladores de Papantlan

Los Voladores de Papantla at Viva Mexico in 2011, photo/Steve Collins

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5th annual ¡VIVA MEXICO! at El Rancho de los Golondrinas








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