Spring in Santa Fe - trees are budding and it’s in the 70s

While most years the calendar proclaims the first day of spring in Santa Fe we’re usually still experiencing winter weather. This year it’s just plain strange! We’re in our third week of temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Trees are blossoming and some trees are even beginning to leaf. To put this in perspective, check out our 2013 photo.

Santa Fe Spring - Spring blossoms on Acequia Madre, photo Billie Frank

Spring blossoms on Acequia Madre, photo/Billie Frank

Yesterday, the 78 degree temperature set a record. While there’s probably more winter weather in store for us, it can snow into early May. Today, the Vernal Equinox, the official first day of spring, it’s definitely spring in Santa Fe.

 Santa Fe Spring - Forsythia, photo Billie Frank

Forsythia, photo/Billie Frank

Maybe old timers remember this happening in the past. For us, it’s a first. The weather is so dry that fire danger is high. Climate change skeptics need to wake up and smell the early roses!

While we really enjoy the warm weather and sunshine, there are some downsides.  Early fruit tree budding can mean no fruit if there’s a hard freeze later in the season. A few years ago a heavy May freeze killed off the blossoms, hitting commercial orchards hard.

Santa Fe Spring - Cherry blossoms, photo/Steve Collins

Cherry blossoms, photo/Steve Collins

We missed being able to buy local apples, peaches, pears and cherries at the Farmers Market in harvest season. The date suggested for the last freeze here is May 15th. Clearly, we are not out of danger yet. Northern New Mexico depends on snow pack and its subsequent melt in spring for water. If you look up at the mountain, most of the snow is already gone.

Srping in Santa Fe - Emerging leaves photo Billie Frank

Emerging leaves photo/Billie Frank

We love this beautiful weather but we wish it was more date appropriate. We don’t want to pay the price for these glorious days later in the year. But today is glorious and we’re going to enjoy it to the max. Happy Spring!

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