Santa Fe Winter Spanish Market 2012

Northern New Mexico has a strong Spanish Colonial art tradition.  Families have been passing down these artisanal skills for generation. The Spanish Colonial Arts Society was formed in 1929 to honor these arts and keep them alive. Twice a year, at the end of July and the first weekend in December they sponsor markets where these traditional arts are sold. Winter Spanish Market 2013 is at the Santa Fe Convention Center, today, December 1st and tomorrow December 2nd.

Winter Spanish Market photo Billie Frank

Madonna by Lorrie Garcia, photo/Billie Frank

The traditional arts represented at the Market are:
Santos: depictions of devotional figures in the form of bultos (carvings in the round) retablos (paintings on wooden panels), and gesso and wood relief-carved panels
Straw Appliqué: crosses, chests and boxes decorated with hand-cut straw

Winter Spanish Market photo Billie Frank

Chimayo weavers Eugene D Vigil and Rose A Vigil, photo/Billie Frank

Textiles: hand-woven on looms using handspun yarns
Furniture: usually made of pine using mortise and tenon joints
Hide Paintings: devotional images painted on deer or elk hide
Colcha: unique regional embroideries employing the colcha stitch
Tinwork: decorative and utilitarian objects of cut and punched tin

Winter Spanish Market photo Billie Frank

Tinwork by Richard Gabriel, Jr., photo/Billie Frank

Ironwork: tools, fastenings and household objects forged from iron
Precious Metals: silver and gold jewelry, utilitarian and devotional objects
Pottery: hand-sculpted bowls, pots and other ware made from micaceous clay
Bonework: decorative items, anillos (rings) and tool handles carved from animal antlers and bone
Ramilletes: decorative paper garlands

Winter Spanish Market photo Billie Frank

Santeria Frank L Garcia, photo/Steve Collins

Some of these traditional arts were based on necessity. They were objects needed in daily life. People used available materials to bring some beauty into hard lives in a remote place.

Winter Spanish Market

“San Francisco de Asis”  carving by Margarito Mondragon, photo/Steve Collins

One of the benefits of Winter Market is there are a lot more small (and affordable) items offered especially some unique Christmas ornaments.

Stop by and shop this weekend. After all ’tis the season.

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2 Responses to “Santa Fe Winter Spanish Market 2012”

  1. City of Santa Fe
    December 3, 2019 at 11:52 am #

    Love seeing all these gorgeous treasures from this years winter market. We can’t wait for the 2013 Summer Spanish Market!

    • Billie Frank
      December 3, 2019 at 12:30 pm #

      We’ll be there. If you didn’t get to the Winter Market, put it on your calendar for next year. It’s a wonderful venue for the artists to display there work. We had a great time.

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