Our 5 favorite posts of 2012

It’s fun to look back at the end of the year and reminisce. Here are our 5 favorite posts of 2012.

Georgia O’Keeffe fascinates me. You know that question- who, living or dead, would you like to have dinner with. She’s high on my list. My interest in her is more as a strong woman ahead of her time than as an artist. Apparently, she also fascinates our readers as any post about her gets a lot of hits. She was inspired by New Mexico’s landscape. We went on the trail of places that inspired her and juxtaposed photos with her artistic interpretation of the same spot. I loved following her footsteps and discovering some of these places. The result: Exploring Georgia O’Keeffe Country.

Georgia O'Keeffe

The black place, photo/Steve Collins

While writing the O’Keeffe post, we traveled to what she called “the Black Place” in the Bisti Badlands of northwestern New Mexico. It’s a bit of a distance from Santa Fe, but the stark, lunar landscape that motivated the artist so much was worth the drive. While turning around up the road from the Black Place I saw this sign:  “Chaco National Historic Park 21 miles. We’d been there years ago and loved it. I always thought it was too far from Santa Fe for a daytrip. We were 21 miles away- I wasn’t getting this close without going the rest of the way. An unexpected detour: Chaco Canyon was born.

Chaco National Historic Park

Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon, photo/Steve Collins

We discovered a gem in Denver this year. The Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art, sitting on a side street in the South Capital neighborhood, is a must visit for anyone who’s interested in decorative arts and Colorado artists. Their collection goes from the late 19th century to the present day. It’s a very special place.

Denver art

Mid-century modern from our latest visit to the Kirkland Museum, Denver, photo/Steve Collins

On a list of things I thought I’d never do is llama trekking. Animals make me sneeze. It turns out llamas are hypoallergenic. Who knew? Take a llama to lunch is on my live list of memorable experiences. Find out why.

Wild Earth llamas

Llama trekking at Ojo Caliente, photo/Steve Collins

This year brought Meet the Travel Bloggers, a new weekly series. There’s a diverse and vital community of travel bloggers scattered over six continents (I don’t think there are any travel bloggers who call Antarctica home, though some have traveled there).  Each has their own style of travel. Some are constantly on the road, some live as expats, some, like us, blog about their own country.  There are full time travelers, part-time travelers and even weekend and vacation travelers. We wanted to know more about these people who live and write travel. What better way than to interview them. The series continues in 2013. Has your favorite blogger been interviewed? If not, let us know who it is and we can set one up it they’re willing.

Utila Honduras

Sunset in Utila, Honduras, photo/Talon Windwalker Photography, 1 Dad 1 Kid

What’s your favorite Santa Fe Travelers post for 2012?

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