Photo of the week: Georgia O’Keeffe’s White Place, Abiquiu, NM

The White Place, Abiquiu, NM, Photo/Steve Collins

When Georgia O’Keeffe looked out her Abiquiu, NM studio window, she saw the Chama Valley, the river and the White Place (Plaza Blanca) standing tall behind.  She loved this area and came here frequently to paint. These stark-white rock formations are a world unto themselves.  This was ocean millenia ago, the sand is fine like that found at the beach; you may even find a shell. If you’re visiting Santa Fe, the journey is a little over an hour each way.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s White Place is a great site to add to your itinerary.

Authors note: If you go, Dar Al Islam, owners of the land the White Place is on, asks that you stay on the existing paths and respect their beautiful and fragile land.

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