Photo of the Week: Vedauwoo

Boulder and tree in Vedau Woo, photo Billie Frank

Boulder and tree in Vedau Woo, photo Billie Frank

We love Vedauwoo National Recreation Area, part of Medicine Bow/Routt National Forest. Vedauwoo, pronounced vee-duh-voo,  is a derivation of the Arapaho phrase  biito’o’wu meaning “land of the earthborn spirit.” It’s a place of spectacular rock formations and a special energy that has to be felt — it’s beyond description. Some believe there’s an energy vortex here. We hadn’t been here in over a decade, a time before photography entered our lives and we and wanted to see these amazing granite formations that date back more than a million years and get some photos to share. The area, just off I-80, about 15 miles East of Laramie, WY, is popular with campers, hikers and other lovers of the outdoors. Billie was impressed by the shared relationship between this tree and rock and took the picture. If you’re a fan of unique rock formations, you’ll love Vedauwoo.

Coming soon: a post with more of our Vedauwoo photos including the sleeping elephant rock.

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