Photo of the Week: old stone walls at Salman Ranch

More than u-pick 'em raspberries at Salman Ranch in Las Cuevas NM- these old stone walls in their garden and the old mill await photo Billie Frank

Stone walls in the garden at Salman Ranch in Las Cuevas, NM photo/Billie Frank

It’s raspberry picking time. Salman’s Ranch in the old hamlet of La Cueva, northwest of Las Vegas, NM, offers “U-pick ’em” for those that want to get the berries fresh from the farm. The area, once called “La Cueva de los Pescadores” (the fisherman’s cave), was settled by land grant in the early 1800s. The old mill and the old mercantile,which now houses their country store, are still standing. The garden, pictured here, surrounds stone walls that were once a barn and corral. The store boasts the original counters and shutters and the old hacienda at the site still has old glass that was brought to New Mexico over the Santa Fe Trail.

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