Photo of the Week: Llama Trekking from Ojo Caliente to Posi Ouinge

Llama trekking in New Mexico

Llama trekking from Ojo Caliente Hot Springs to Posi Ouinge, photo Wendy Forbes

This week we went llama trekking from Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs to Posi Ouinge. Stuart Wilde, who operates Wild Earth Llama Adventures, brought  the llamas from their Taos home. From Ojo Caliente we took a leisurely hour hike to Posi Ouinge, which Stuart told us was inhabited from the late 1200s t o early 1500s by the ancestors of Okeh Owinge people before they moved to their present home just north of Espanola. After a tour of the ancient site, we had a picnic lunch and then returned to Ojo Caliente, where we enjoyed a relaxing massage followed by a blissful soak in the hot springs.

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