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New Mexico Route 66 - You can take a selfie at Grants' neon drive-through arch, photo Steve Collins
An assortment of pies on the Pie Bar at Pie-O-Neer Pies , photo Steve Collins
The Los Alamos Historical Museum
Stalking Hugh Jackman in New Mexico - El Paso sign with mileage to the Juarez crossing photo Billie Frank
Abiquiu New Mexico - Santa Rosa de Lima Church photo Steve Collins
The People’s History of El Norte painted by students in Las Vegas NM photo Steve Collins
New Mexico Sunday drives Forked Lightening Ranch Pecos National Historical Park photo Steve Collins
Classical Gas Museum is one of the is one of the New Mexico attractions it took us a while to get to photo Steve Collins
The original Plaza Hotel built in 1882 is on the left with the Ilfeld Building annex on the right Togethercomprise the historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegtas NM photo/Steve Collins
The Plaza Café at the historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas New Mexico offers three meals a day photo Steve Collinseve Collins
The old Otowi Bridge, Otowi Crossing photo Steve Collins
VLA photo Steve Collins
omet Restaurant, Santa Rosa, NM, photo Billie Frank
Buckhorn Tavern San Antonio NM
Inn on La Loma Plaza, Taos, NM photo/Steve Collins
Plaza Pool, Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa photo Steve Collins
The majestic view from the ranch, photo Steve Collins
Lamberts at night, photo/courtesy Lambert's