Photo of the week: Daisy Stark, Como Colorado

Como cemetery

Daisy Stark’s eternal resting place, Como Colorado photo/Steve Collins

We discovered the sleepy town of Como Colorado, quite by accident. We were in Breckenridge, Colorado and wanted to take an off the beaten trail drive. Someone suggested Boreas Pass and off we went. At the south end of the pass is sleepy town of Como, a former railroad boom town. We discovered Daisy Stark quite by accident. A woman we met in town told us to look for her grave in the town’s cemetery. We still don’t know why.

It took us a while to find her grave in this picturesque cemetery is set in a grave set in a grove of aspen trees. Look carefully and you’ll find Daisy’s gravestone hidden amongst the verdant greenery. She was 13 when she died in 1887. It’s a peaceful spot to spend eternity. RIP Daisy.

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