Food Thoughts:Santa Fe Farmers Market Shops

As if the Santa Fe Farmers Market wasn’t wonderful already, it just got better. A handful of businesses, the Farmers Market Shops, opened at the end of 2012.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

The Santa Fe Farmers Market space at the Railyard, photo/Steve Collins

The eclectic collection in this booth setting, offers shoppers a range of food and garden treasures. Currently, there are five shops and one, Café Fresh, offering espresso, ice cream and soup, is coming soon. Locals know both Chocolate Smith and Vivac Winery. New to Santa Fe are Gardens, run by Bob Ross of the KSFR’s Saturday radio show, Gardens, Food & Santa Fe, and his partner, Katrina Godshalk and Artful Tea owned by Karen Gardiner.

This mini-outpost of  Chocolate Smith, the popular Cerrillos Road shop, part of the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail sells the house-made goodies they have become known for. Don’t miss the white chocolate lavender bark, one of the best things I’ve ever tasted (and I’m not a white chocolate fan).

Santa Fe Farmers Market

The Farmers Market branch of Chocolate Smith, photo/Steve Collins

Vivác Winery, located in Dixon, north of Santa Fe, produces a variety of wines. Their Farmers Market booth offer free tastes of a featured wine each weekend. They always offer tastes of their signature port. They also offer their wines for sale. If you want to taste all their varietals, their tasting room in Embudo, about an hour north of Santa Fe on NM 68, features tastings of all their wines. There is a charge here. The Dixon location sells local chocolates, and picnic fixings including local artisanal cheese.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Taste the wine of the week and their signature port at Vivac Winery’s booth , photo/Steve Collins

Gardens, run by landscape architect, Bob Ross and his partner Katerina Godschalk, specializes in container gardens. On sale are some he’s created, customers can buy supplies and create their own or have Ross design one for them. The shop stocks is a unique collection of containers, including rusted hand-welded metal vessels from his son-in-law. They also have a diverse selection of plants. While the primary focus is decorative and ornamental, Ross will help customers create container food gardens.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Some of the wonderful things at Gardens at the Farmers Market, photo/Steve Collins

Englishwoman, Karen  Gardiner, started Artful Tea on the Internet after moving to Santa Fe in 2006. This former owner of a tea store had a following and it was the logical way to serve her clientele. When she first arrived in New Mexico, she sold her teas at the Tesuque Flea Market and then transitioned to the Farmers Market Sunday Artisans’ Market. She’s transitioned to the Shops. She specializes in what she calls, “a creative mix of luxury teas and tea accessories. The loose teas, both organic and conventional, come from around the world.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Karen Gardiner in her Artful Tea shop, photo/Steve Collins

The Santa Fe Farmers Market Gift Shop is a fund-raiser for the Farmers Market has a diverse selection of handmade and other offerings from around the world.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Farmers Market Gift Shop, photo/Steve Collins

If you visit the shops on Sunday, stop by the year-round weekly Artisan’s Market in the Farmers Market Building. The shops are open when the Farmers Market and the Artesian Market are open. Days and times are seasonal.


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