Food Thoughts: Triple R in Winslow Arizona

Winslow redux

When you’re on the road and want a place to eat, what do you do? Many people go to Trip Advisor but our favorite we prefer to ask a local. You can’t just ask anyone – some people haven’t a clue about food. If you’re looking for something upscale and memorable, try local food bloggers or the food writer for the local paper if they have one. For something basic, ask a local, but make sure to be specific. We were once looking for authentic, down-home southern food in a small North Carolina town and were sent to a chain restaurant where nothing was made fresh from scratch.

Last week we unexpectedly found ourselves in Winslow, Arizona at lunch time. We hadn’t planned to be there. We’d visited the small historic Route 66 town on our way west days before. We’d had an amazing dinner and breakfast at The Turquoise Room at the iconic La Posada, an original Harvey House Hotel. On the way home we wanted something quicker because we had a long way to go.

Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona

Standin' on the corner in Winslow Arizona photo Steve Collins

Just had to pose at “Standin’ on a corner” Park in Winslow, Arizona, photo/Steve Collins

Why were we there again? Several folks on Facebook asked us if we’d stood on the “corner in Winslow, Arizona” when we mentioned we’d spent the night there. We’d totally forgotten that line in the Eagles song, Take it Easy. A Google search yielded that the town has “Standin’ on the Corner” Park. We decided to detour from I-40 just to snap a few photos. We stopped at the Winslow Visitors’ Center for directions. As we were leaving, I asked if they could direct us to a place that made their own burger patties. “Triple R.” was the response. Directions in hand we stopped at the famous corner and then went in search of the restaurant. We were warned that it was nothing fancy. It wasn’t, but we didn’t care. We weren’t looking for fancy, we were looking for good. The sign in front advertised “Home Cooking” and it was.

Triple R

Triple R restaurant Winslow AZ photo/Steve Collins

For a bit of home cookin’ in Winslow AZ stop at the Triple R Home Cooking, photo Steve Collins

We were at the tail end of lunch time so the parking lot was empty and only one table was occupied. A little nervous we sat down. Rosa, one of the three “Rs” greeted us with menus. I ordered a hamburger, no bun, with green chile, grilled onions and chose a side of the hand-cut fries. The Chile Size, just under the Green Chili (that’s how they spell it in Arizona) burger caught Steve’s eye so he asked what it was. It’s an open-faced burger topped with refried beans, the house-made green or red chili and pepper jack cheese. He went for it. It was sloppy and delicious. He ordered a side of the commercial onion rings which were quite tasty.

After she took our order, Rosa reappeared with a basket of corn tortilla chips accompanied by her spicy red salsa and frijoles con queso (refried beans with cheese). They were addictive.

The delicious and decadent, try the Chili Size at Triple R, photo/Steve Collins

The delicious and decadent, try the Chili Size at Triple R, photo/Steve Collins

We totally enjoyed our no frills lunch at this place we never would have found on our own. Triple R in Winslow Arizona is a place where you’ll find the regulars starting their day from as early as 5:30am. They close at around 2pm. They serve dinner on Friday and Saturdays. If you’re heading through Winslow and want something inexpensive and made by someone who cares, stop by before standin’ on that corner.” And, remember, if you want to eat where the locals go, just ask them.

Have you stood on that corner in Winslow?


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