Santa Fe’s Edible Art Tour, ARTFeast 2011

Here are a few highlights of the 2011 Edible Art Tour, from the Canyon Road portion of the tour. Everyone was seemed to be having a wonderful time while helping to raise money to benefit art education in Santa Fe.

Executive Charles Dale of Terra at Encantado Resort at the Waxlander Gallery

At the Waxlander Gallery, Charles Dale, Executive Chef of Terra at Encantado Restort was offering a witty deconstructed Shrimp Cocktail. He wouldn’t share the secret of the tasty shrimp ribbons, so we can only guess.

David Gaspar of Osteria D'Assisi at Zaplin Lambert Gallery

At the Zaplin Lambert Gallery, David Gaspar representing Osteria D’Assisi, served spanokopita, eggplant rollatine and crostini d’fungi.

Rachel Darnell, Darnell Gallery, in front of her painting Dream Horizon

We stopped at  Darnell Fine Art and had a lovely chat with owner Rachel Darnell. Quail Run Chef Paul Honsiker’s  Caldo Verde was delicious.

Chef Lane Warner of La Fonda's La Plazuela at the Jane Sauer Gallery

At the Jane Sauer Gallery Chef  Lane Warner of La Plazuela at La Fonda served Gumbo to celebrate a Mardi Gras theme.

Members of Santa Fe Youth Symphony at NuArt Gallery

At the NuArt Gallery members of the Santa Fe Youth Symphony charmed us with chamber music.

Palin Wiltshire brought Mary Poppins to life at Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art

At Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art, Mary Poppins aka Gallery Director Palin Wiltshire, shared cheerful observations with Edible Art tourers.

Deborah Fritz behind bars at gf contemporary

Debora Fritz vamps it up at gf contemporary’s Chicago themed offering, taking us back to the speakeasy days.

Le Chat Lunatique at gf contemporary

Gypsy Jazz group Le Chat Lunatique provided prohibition era music at gf contemporary.

These were a few of the over forty galleries pairing food and art for this year’s Edible Art Tour. If you missed it this year, plan to attend next year’s event. It’s always the last weekend in February. Not only is it fun, it benefits art education programs in Santa Fe Schools.

Authors’ note: As a former hotel concierges and owners of a travel concierge and trip-planning business in Santa Fe, we have been guests of ARTFeast for the Edible Art Tour on several occasions. While these experiences have not influenced us in any way, this information is provided in the spirit of full disclosure.

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3 Responses to “Santa Fe’s Edible Art Tour, ARTFeast 2011”

  1. Ted Nelson
    February 27, 2019 at 10:16 am #

    Looks like a lively event with tasty food and great music.

  2. Steve Collins
    February 27, 2019 at 11:39 am #

    Hi Ted,
    It was lots of fun and 2 things Santa Fe does well, art and food.Maybe you;ll get to enjoy it sometime.

  3. Vera Marie Badertscher
    February 27, 2019 at 10:12 pm #

    Another thing Santa Fe does well is fantasy fun. So art, food , fun and fantasy all in one big event. Wish I were there.

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