Cooking Maine lobster at home- you can do it

Have you thought of cooking Maine lobster at home and been intimated? You can do it! Just read our simple recipe. In Santa Fe, it’s difficult and expensive to get a lobster dinner in a restaurant unless you head for Red Lobster- I used to scoff about them when we lived on the East Coast. Full confession, we’ve had a few Red Lobster dinners since leaving New York, but it’s still better and way more economical to do it at home.

Cooking Maine lobsteres at home is easy. These two beauties are fresh from the pot photo Steve Collins Santa Fe Travelers

Two Maine lobsters fresh from the pot photo/Steve Collins

Buying the lobster

In Santa Fe, luckily, one of the supermarkets has a live lobster tank. Since shipping live lobster from Maine is very expensive because of the overnight air freight that’s a must. The two things about cooking lobsters at home that are daunting: buying them and putting them into the pot. I bought the very lively, squirming critters; I almost changed my mind when confronted with them. Steve cooked them. Two things make for a great lobster dinner- the season and how you cook it. Tough shells before molting season and overcooked lobster ruin the experience. I remember once having to send a lobster back and have it replaced when the shell was too hard to crack. The hardest part is probably putting the lobsters in the pot (but I leave that part to Steve).

Cooking the lobster

Here’s Steve’s tested recipe for cooking Maine lobster at home

Fill a large stockpot with water and bring it to a boil. When the water is at a rolling boil, put the lobsters in headfirst. Cover the pan and let them cook for about 15 minutes for a pound-and-a-half lobster (longer for a bigger one and less for smaller ones). Use the color as your guide to doneness; you want them to turn from green to red. Remove the lobsters from the pan and let them cool a bit. When they’re cooled enough to handle place the lobster on its back on a cutting board. Using a sharp knife cut from the head to the tail to get at the meat. Remove the tomalley (the green material inside) and if it’s a female remove the dark red or coral roe as well and discard those parts. It’s ready to serve. You need a nutcracker to get at the lobster meat safe in its shell. A meat pounding hammer will crack the claw shells for easier access.

Eating the lobster

Clarify a stick of butter to dip the tasty morsels in as eating. For sides, potato salad or boiled red skin potatoes, potato chips (something you’ll find in Maine lobster pot restaurants and corn on the cob are great accompaniments, though for me, the lobster pretty much takes up all of my attention and fills me up. I don’t want to take up valuable stomach space with other things. If you want my detailed explanation on how I eat just about everything but the shell, email me.

Enjoy! Hope we’ve made cooking a Maine lobster at home easier for you.





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